Custom Printed Kraft Boxes
Custom Printed Kraft Boxes
Custom Printed Kraft Boxes
Kraft boxes are made from a special type of paper. There are many ways to manufacture paper. This paper, however,…
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    Climate change and global warming are one of the major issues that all of us are facing globally. We all need to make some changes in our lifestyle, and that includes making changes in our companies, businesses and offices as well. Dodo packaging has custom eco-friendly packaging boxes available so that our partnership does not create any waste and does not contribute to the global warming problems of the world. We offer custom eco-friendly bags as well as boxes that can be used over and over again. However, we all should contribute positively in this movement to lessen the effects of climate change on a global level.

    We offer a wide array of eco-friendly packaging wholesale designs that you can choose from. They all are available in our range of custom eco-friendly packaging. We have cardboard boxes as well as paper bags available for your eco-friendly packaging UK needs. Each of these is disposable and does not harm the environment as the plastic-based packaging does. Our custom printed eco-friendly boxes feature free templates that can be found on our website. If you have any ideas of your own, we can get those printed for you as well. Our designers offer one on one attention to your idea.

    Whether you want a box for your business or for gifting purposes, we have eco-friendly boxes available for all your needs. We can even print your company’s logo on your custom eco-friendly boxes.

    Our print quality is fantastic as we ensure that there are no mistakes or double printing. We understand that the job of the packaging is to protect as well as market your product. So, the print quality and the material of the package must be great. Hence, we make sure that all your expectations are completely met.


    If you are looking to buy custom eco-friendly boxes wholesale, then no need to look any farther as we have got you covered, we offer cheap prices. Dodo Packaging has the best custom eco-friendly boxes available in the market.

    Not only do we provide boxes in bulk but also ensure their quality as well as uniformity. We take care of the whole process of both packaging and printing your custom eco-friendly packages. At dodo packaging, we provide you with the best printing facility.
    You can use eco-friendly packaging for any items like cosmetics, food, jewellery, etc. However, you can pack your gifts in eco-friendly cosmetic packaging UK for keeping them more secure and safe.


    Our templates feature unique designs that not only make your product stand out from the crowd but also help in saving the environment as many people are turning towards eco-friendly alternatives. Hence, if your product and packaging both are eco-friendly, more people are likely to buy them instead of other options.
    Our extremely talented designers also cater to your ideas. If you have any, they will create designs specifically for you. We modify the designs so that the output is exactly like you thought of it. Your opinions matter a lot to us. Hence, we want to make sure that your experience with us is fantastic. So that you not only recommend us to others but because we also want to create a long-lasting relationship with you.

    For businesses that are making eco-friendly products like stainless steel straws, bamboo brushes, etc. And are confused as to how to deliver products as most of the packaging options involve a lot of plastic. We are a good option as our custom eco-friendly packaging has only eco-friendly material used in it. We offer eco-friendly shipping boxes so that you can check one item off your list as we have got your packaging covered.

    You can have eco-friendly packaging UK for any kind of product packaging. A Colour theme, logo, quote, or whatever you want can be added to this packaging. Furthermore, you can have a lot of enchanting add-ons like coating in gloss, matte or spot UV. Along with coatings, you can have foiling in gold, silver, blue, green colour, etc. Foiling will enhance the look of your packaging for customers. Other than this, embossing, debossing, Die-cut window, PVC window and a lot of more exciting add-ons are available.
    However, this totally depends upon the budget of the customer. The more you invest, the more profit you will get.


    We use cardboard for the production of our custom eco-friendly that can hold a good amount of weight. It is sturdy as well as durable. It does not bend nor buckle under the pressure of your product or gift. You can easily dispose of our custom printed eco-friendly boxes as they decompose fast and do not create a mess. These boxes can be used multiple times. The material is of high quality and does not undergo wear and tear easily. It lasts long, and you do not need to buy new ones over and over again. Furthermore, you can increase or decrease the thickness level of your packaging. It all depends upon the product.

    Our paper bags and packaging like for sandwich wraps is also an eco-friendly alternative that should be used instead of plastic. It is not harmful and keeps your item well protected. Out of all our packaging materials, our paper items are the easiest to not only dispose of but also decompose faster.

    To conclude, if you are eager to make the shift from plastic packaging to eco-friendlier solutions, then you should try out dodo packaging. As we offer you custom printed eco-friendly packaging like boxes and bags for your business as well as other needs. You can get each and everything according to your choice. All you need to do is just place your orders, tell all your requirements to our designers and become tension free. Plus, we are offering a lot of exciting discounts for our customers. So, don’t waste your time and pace your orders before it’s too late.

    Make your custom printed boxes incredible with us!

    For custom projects of large quantity of Custom Boxes or Custom Printed Boxes, Dodo Packaging is offering die cuts, litho, special finishes, additional styles and more.

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